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   PowerSchool Help Site Introduction
Welcome to Glenbard's PowerSchool help guide for students and parents/guardians.

Here you will find answers to many common questions regarding the PowerSchool system. This web site is intended to guide Glenbard's students and parents/guardians on how to best make use of the information available within the PowerSchool student information system.
Topics appear in menu to the left in the same order as the Parent/Guardian top navigation menu tool bar order from left to right.

Each student and parent/guardian is provided with a separate Access ID and Access Password that allow access.

This access information can be found in a letter mailed to parents in early July annually or within each student's FirstClass account.
If you do not have this information you will need to visit your school during normal hours of operations to obtain it.  You will need to bring a state issued photo ID.   You may also confirm your residency at the same time.  

   What Is PowerSchool?
PowerSchool is an easy to use, web-based student information system. It is intended to serve students and parents as a performance monitoring and communication tool.  

The system will show assignment and test grades they are entered into the system by teachers.  Parents and students will also be able to access attendance, demographic, and other information quickly.   

Making use of the information within PowerSchool will help parents help their children achieve their potential.