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Term Grade Links
Clicking on the blue grade number below or the number grade in term column (Q1, Q2, S1, Q3, Q4, S2) will bring up a "Class Score Detail" page for the selected course.  This page displays the due date of the assignment, the name of the assignment, the category and the score received for each assignment.

Grading Systems
Each teacher has his or her own grading system. Some teachers work on a straight points system while others weight the scores according to assignment categories (Homework, Quizzes, Tests, etc.). Some teachers give grades for class participation. Some teachers do not accept late work. Our teachers inform all of their students at the beginning of the course what their expectations and grading policy will be. For this reason it is very important for a parent/guardian to read the grading philosophy contained in the class syllabus. If needed, please contact the teacher directly for a copy of his or her grading policy.

Posting of Scores
Please be patient as it does take time to grade and post assignments. Some assignments, such as projects and research papers, take longer to grade. If you have questions about the posting of assignments, please contact the individual teachers about their policies and procedures. Some teachers will post this information within PowerSchool on the Class Score Detail page.

Grading Key:    5=Excellent    4=Above Average   3=Average   2=below average    1=Failure/No Credit    P=Passing