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Instructions - Online payments - Partial Payments

Parents can make partial payments of student fees at anytime.  These are one time partial payments and cannot be set to reoccur.

IMPORTANT: Making partial payments does not qualify a parent for discounted, early registration or exclude a parent from the monthly statement mailing.  To qualify for discounted, early registration or be excluded from the monthly statement mailing, fees must be paid in full by the stated date or the student must be on an official payment plan.

NOTE: When updating the "Student Payment" amount only enter the amount of the mandatory fees being paid; not optional purchases added to your account like a yearbook.  If you want to make an optional purchase of a yearbook or athletic prepay and not pay any mandatory fees, enter 0.00 in the "Student Payment" field.  When you click the "Update Cart" button, the system will update the payment to be equal to the amount that you entered plus any optional purchases that you have selected.

1) Click on the View Cart button in the upper-right.

2) Find the green text Student Payment.

3) Highlight the numbers in the green text box to the right of Student Payment and type in the desired payment amount.

4) Click the Update Cart button.  This will change the payment amount.

5) Click the Pay Now button from the cart.

6) The checkout screen will appear reflecting the payment amount set in the Cart.  Provide payment details and click the Submit Payment button to process the payment.