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Instructions - Online payments

Assistance is also available via an online video called Student Fees.  To view the video, click the Instructional Video Series link found at

1) Online payments are accessed both through PowerSchool & the Summer School Registration website.
  • From PowerSchool, click the Students Fees button from the left hand menu in PowerSchool.
  • From the Summer School Registration website, click on the Click to Pay button.  Note: This will not appear until after enrollment.
2) Details on each student can be found on the tab with the student's name.

3) Optional Items such as Yearbooks can be added by clicking on the blue "+" buttons at the bottom of the page.

4) To view all items from all students, click the View Cart button.

5) To make a payment, click either the Checkout button from the main page or the Pay Now button from the cart.

6) To view a history of your payments, click the My Orders button.

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