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Student Info / Demographic Verification / Parent/Guardian  (Registration Data)
61211_72509_5.jpgOnce you have established an account using your student(s) Access ID and Access Password you will be able to update your students demographic data, general contact information, emergency contact information, and other preferences such inclusion/exclusion in publications, military, and student directories.

This information is required to be updated annually as part of the student verification process.  When you login a notice may appear that prevents you from viewing any additional information until you have verified your on file information.

If you see any of the notice shown below you must confirm your student's information.


This page  shows the description of the data on the left column, the current "on file" information is in the center column, the right side column can be used if the on file information needs to be updated.

Submitted changes to the home address will require you to confirm your residency.  
More information on residency requirements can be found by clicking here.

For additional assistance watch the Demograhics Verification video.  To view the video, click the Instructional Video Series link found at