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Attendance History

61111_113203_10.pngThis page displays the overall attendance of the selected student for all classes.

A legend will appear at the bottom of the screen explaining all of the different letter codes used for student attendance.  If you believe that there are any attendance discrepancies please contact the teacher or school's attendance office directly.    

Attendance Office Info:

Clicking on the blue number under the Attendance column will bring up the attendance details for the class selected.  There is a legend explaining all absence codes.  
Blank = Present

Attendance Codes

A = An Unexcused
CD = Court Date
CV = College Visit
DO = In Deans Office
E = Excused Absence
FT = Field Trip
GUI = In Guidance
HB = Homebound
HOS = Hospitalized
ISS = In School Suspension
MA = Medical Appt
NUR = In nurses office
OSS = Suspended
RH = Religious Holiday
SF = Student Function
TRD = Tardy or Late
TRU = Truant
UNA = Unauthorized
U = Unexcused
VAC = Vacation

Additional code information can be found at the bottom of the attendance history screen.