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Instructions - Athletic Registration & Payments

Note: Verify demographics for all your students before trying to register for athletics.
  • Register for athletics before signing up for a payment plan or athletics must be paid in full.
  • If payment plan installments are not made by the set due dates, you will be removed from the payment plan and athletic fees will be due in full immediately.
1) In PowerSchool, click on Athletics from the menu on the left51414_85423_0.png or click on a students name in Step 2 of the Registration Wizard.

2) Read and agree to the agreements that appear on screen

3) Follow the on-screen instructions to register your student(s) for athletics.
a. Select a Season
b. Select a Sport
c. Click Submit


4) You can continue to register additional students for sports, by clicking on their names in step 2 Registration Wizard.
5) After your student(s) have been registered, click Student Fees .(51414_85720_1.png) from the menu on the left side of the page or click the Click here to pay student fees. link from Step 3 of the Registration Wizard.

6) Click the Check Out (7214_80451_0.png) button in the upper-right to make payment.

7) Provide payment details and click the Submit Payment button.


Instructions - Removing an Erroneous Registration

If a parent accidently registered a student for a sport, the registration can be backed out.  

1) In PowerSchool, click on Athletics from the menu on the left.51414_85423_0.png
2) Click on the season of the sport that needs its registration removed.  You will see that sport is highlighed in blue.


3) Click on the sport name and it will be unhighlighted.

4) Once the sport is unlighted, click the Submit button.