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Staff Conferences
1. Staff Conference Descriptions
FirstClass Staff Conferences are areas for the exchange of important information among large groups of people. They are used instead of huge mailing lists that tie up FirstClass resources. Staff members are able to read both staff AND student conferences, but students cannot read staff conferences.

Conferences should be used for messages to the entire staff, the entire district, or other large groups of staff or students. There are several conferences already created, and you may request the creation of a specialized conference for your needs. You can, for example, have a conference for your classes, and share files and messages there. Your students can add a shortcut to the conference to your desktop.

The following is a list of some of the conferences available to staff members and students:

Building Staff Conference
Picture 3-3.jpg
Messages to the entire staff of your building
Student behavior report (to report incidents to Deans)
Important calendars (computer labs, administration, etc.)
Forms and files for your staff
Archives (conference messages older than 60 days)
Building Student Conference
Picture 3-4.jpg
Messages to all students (and staff)
What is my e-mail address? (displays student's external e-mail address)
Surveys & Upgrades (allows students to upgrade storage space)
Other important files and calendars
Archives (conference messages older than 60 days)
District Wide Conference
Picture 3-5.jpg
Messages to the entire district
Staff Development Conference
PowerSchool FAQ
Student Password Reset (to reset student passwords for them)
Net-IEP login
Technology FAQs
Job Postings
Employee Benefits (Insurance Info)
District Forms
Glenbard Buzz (to submit information to Peg Mannion for Public Relations)
Other important shortcuts/files
GEA Conference
(Certified Staff Only)
Picture 5.png
Glenbard Education Association related messages
Professional Agreement
Information on benefits, evaluation and certification
District forms
List of GEA Officers
Job Postings
AFSCME Conference
(AFSCME members only)
AFSCME related messages and files
Building Departments
Picture 3-6.jpg
For Students AND Staff!
Contains departmental conferences for messages to students
Contains individual teacher conferences

All Conferences
Picture 3-7.jpg
Shortcuts to all Building Staff and Student Conferences
Shortcuts to Technology FAQs, PowerSchool FAQs and Job Postings

2. Reading Conference Messages
1. Conferences with new messages will appear with a red flag, just like your Mailbox with a new message.
Picture 7.png
2. Double-click the Conference icon to open it.
Messages will appear on the right hand side in the same type of view that you would find in your mailbox.

3. Double-click any message to read it.
3. Sending Conference Messages
To send a message to a conference:

1. Be sure you are sending an appropriate message to the appropriate conference.
Please read the Technology Acceptable Use Policy for more information about using Glenbard systems.

2. Open the Conference to which you want to send a message.

3. Click the New button in the Conference window.

Picture 1-1.jpg

The name of the conference should appear in the To: field.

Picture 2-7.jpg

4. Compose and send your message.
4. Replying to Conference Messages
To reply to the entire conference:

1. With the conference message open, click the Reply button. This button will REPLY TO THE ENTIRE CONFERENCE, so please be careful when using this.

2. You will see the CONFERENCE name as the recipient. Again, be sure you want to reply to the entire conference.
3. Compose and send your message.

To reply to ONLY THE SENDER of a message in a conference:

1. With the conference message open, click the dropdown arrow next to the Reply button and choose REPLY SENDER.


2. You will see ONLY the sender's name appear in the To: field.
3. Compose and send your message.

NOTE: If you accidentally reply to the entire conference, just UNSEND the message.
5. Adding a Conference Shortcut to your Desktop
1. Right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) on the conference icon.
Picture 50.png

2. Choose Add to Desktop. The icon will appear on your FirstClass Desktop.
Picture 3.png
Picture 40.png
3. Drag the icon to your desired location on your FirstClass Desktop.
6. Requesting Your Own Conference Area
To request a conference area:

1. Go to the Staff menu on your school's site (or
Picture 1-2.jpg

2. Click on the Web Help Desk icon.

Picture 2-8.jpg

3. Log in to Web Help Desk.

4. Choose Problem Type: District-wide FirstClass E-mail & WHD Support.

Picture 4-3.jpg

5. Choose subtype: New Conference Request.
Picture 4-2.jpg

6. Request your conference, being sure to name your department and/or where the conference should be placed. All teacher conferences are placed in the Building Departments area, under the teacher's department. Naming conventions for teacher conferences are: Building Teacher Last Name (e.g. South Wallace). See sample below:

Picture 5-2.jpg

7. Click Continue to submit your request. You will receive a confirmation e-mail in your FirstClass account. Do not reply to that e-mail.

8. You will receive another e-mail when your conference has been created.

If using your conference with students, teach them to add the conference to their desktops so they can access it quicly and easily.