FirstClass Messages - Organizing and Saving
1. Mail Expiration and Changing the Expiry Period
Mail messages are set to expire in 90 days by default. If you do not change the Expiry Period on your mail, it will be deleted by the system.

To change the expiry period for an individual message:

1. Select the message.

2. Right-click or Control-click (Mac) and choose Get Info...

3. Set the Expiry period to Never.

4. Click OK.

2. Deleting Mail
You should delete any unwanted mail periodically in order to keep your account storage under the allocated space limit (displayed under the toolbar on your Desktop).

To delete a message:

1. Open a message or highlight it in your mailbox.
2. Press the Delete button or the delete key on your keyboard.
3. The message will be deleted, but can be recovered for about 24 hours using the Undelete feature (see below).
3. Undeleting Mail and Using the Trash Can
Mail can be undeleted for about 24 hours after it has been deleted. Deleted mail and files are stored in the Trash Can icon on your Desktop. There are a few ways to undelete mail and files.

To undelete mail from within your mailbox:

1. Click on the View menu and choose Show Deleted Items.
2. Deleted items will appear in the mailbox with a small trash can icon next  to them.
3. Right-click or Control-click (Mac) and choose Undelete.
4. The trash can icon will disappear and the item will be returned to your mailbox as a normal message.
5. To hide deleted items again, choose View > Hide Deleted Items.

To undelete items using the Trash Can:

1. Open the Trash Can icon on your Desktop.
2. Locate the item you want to undelete.
3. Highlight the item and click the Undelete button.
4. The item will be returned to its original location (Mailbox, File Storage, etc.)
4. Sorting Messages
In any container items can be sorted in a number of ways.

1. To sort files or messages, click on any of the sort options in the mailbox window:
2. Clicking any one of the buttons in the bar will sort your mail messages in either descending or ascending order. The Descending/Ascending icon will appear on the button you choose for your sort.

3. Clicking the button again will change the sort order.

5. Creating Folders to Organize Messages
To create folders for organizing your mail messages, voice messages, and files:

1. Choose File > New Folder from the menu bar.

2. A new folder will appear in your mailbox with the text New Folder highlighted in blue. DON'T CLICK ON ANYTHING YET. It will be easier to rename your folder if you don't.
Picture 2.png

3. Type a new name for the folder and press Return.
Picture 3.png

4. If you need to rename the folder, Right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) on it and choose Rename. Type a new name for the folder and press Return.
6. Changing the Mailbox View (Split View)
To make it easier to separate your folders from your mail, you may want to change your mailbox view. You can split your mailbox vertically or horizontally.

To change your mailbox view:

1. Choose View > Split > Split Horizontal or View > Split > Split Vertical from the menu.
Picture 1.png

2. Your Mailbox window will display with a horizontal or vertical split (that can be adjusted by dragging the bar that separates the mail from the folders).

Horizontal Split:
Picture 10.png

Vertical Split:
Picture 20.png
7. Deleting Folders without Deleting Messages
1. Double-click your Mailbox to open it.
2. Double-click the folder you wish to delete to open it.
3. Drag your mail messages out of the folder and into your mailbox window.
4. Delete the folder.
8. Grouping and Ungrouping Messages
Messages can be grouped in several ways. Grouping is a way of displaying messages. Many users make the mistake of collapsing a group of messages, and they can't find e-mails they know they should have. To avoid this confusion, make sure you understand grouping.

The most logical way to group messages is by subject. That way you can keep all messages on the same topic together.
To group messages by subject:

1. Choose View > Change View Properties...

2. Choose Group items on: Subject (dropdown menu).
Picture 4.png

3. Leave Collapse all groups UNCHECKED.

4. Click OK.

5. To collapse or expand groups quickly, click the small gray arrow next to the subject of a group of e-mails.

A collapsed group looks like this:
Picture 6.png

An expanded group looks like this:
Picture 5.png