1. General Preferences
To access your preferences, click the preferences button in the toolbar.
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The Preferences will open to the General tab.
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If you want FirstClass to automatically launch when you click on a link that is an e-mail address (mailto:):

1. Check the box next to Register FirstClass as default mail client.
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2. Click Apply or OK.

To change the location where downloads will be saved (when opening or downloading files and attachments):

1. Click the Browse button under to the Download folder field.

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2. Browse to the file location where you want your FirstClass files to download and click Open.

3. Click Apply or OK.

2. Calendar Preferences (View and Edit)

View Preferences:

View preferences include:

  • Week start day
  • Work week start day
  • Start time of work day
  • Length of work day
  • Collapse weekends
  • Show week numbers
  • Customized colors
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Events Preferences:

Events preferences include:

  • Start time interval
  • Default duration
(Some set this to length of 1 class period.)

  • Set default reminder
(Automatically sets reminders for all events)
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3. Content Preferences
To access the Content preferences, click on the Content tab.
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Content Preferences include:

Text Styles tab

  • Font, size, color
  • Presentation text
(There is a built-in presentation software in First Class.)

Picture 5.jpg
Highlight styles tab

  • Quoted text font, size, style, text color, and background color
  • Link text color and style
Picture 21.jpg
Spell Check tab

  • Settings to ignore quoted text, URLs, words with numbers, etc.
  • Setting to auto spell check before sending mail
Picture 22.jpg
Options tab

  • Embedded images - size
  • Image zoom
  • Link action - open in same window or new window
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4. Viewing Preferences
To access the Viewing preferences, click on the Viewing tab.

Picture 2-2.jpg

Viewing Preferences include:

  • Newest items first
  • Show only unread items
  • Time zone
Picture 3-2.jpg
5. Messaging Preferences
To access the Messaging preferences, click on the Messaging tab.

Picture 2-3.jpg

Viewing Preferences include:

Mail Rules tab

  • Auto Reply feature
This feature allows you to set an auto-reply to local and internet mail. DO NOT submit work orders to Web Help Desk if you have your auto-reply turned on!

  • Automatically forward
You can set your mail to automatically forward to another e-mail address, if you wish.

  • Junk Mail handling
This can be set to delete junk mail, but it may delete mail you actually want. We advise leaving it set to accept, as our mail filter will automatically delete the vast majority of junk mail.
Initial Content tab

  • Cursor placement in reply
Default (Before Quote)
Before Quote
After Quote

  • Reply tagging
Default (Name only)
Name only
Name and Timestamp

  • Forward tagging
Default ( Separator only)
Separator Only
Separator and header summary (Name and subject)

  • Automatically add signature to new messages
Checking this box will add your signature to all new messages automatically

  • Signature
Enter text in this area to be included as your e-mail signature, whether automatically or by clicking the signature button in the mail message toolbar.

Picture 6.jpg
Instant Messaging tab

  • Automatically refuse chat invitations
  • Activate instant messaging sounds
  • Show presence to:
Default (Everyone)
My Organization
My Group

Picture 10.jpg
Audio tab

  • Automatically play audio files when messages are unread.
This will automatically play new voice mail messages when you open a new voice message in your mailbox.

  • Volume for built in sounds
Picture 3-3.jpg
eferences, click on the Viewing tab.

[Image:Picture 2-2.jpg]

Viewing Preferences include:

                        Newest items first
Show only unread items
Time zone
        [Image:Picture 3-2.jpg]