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Downloading and Installing the FirstClass Software - Window PC

While you can access most of FirstClass's features by logging in through the web, it is best to install the actual client software on your home/personal computer. The client software is what is used in the school buildings and is easier to use than the web version. This software is free, and available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. Installing and Configuring the FirstClass Client Software for Windows/PC


If you do not set the server address to be "" the software will not work.

 Read the rest of this page for detailed instructions if needed.

1. Click this link to download the .exe installer file:   

2. Double-click the Installer file.
2fc installer.jpg

3. Click Next to continue.


4. Click YES to agree to the License Agreement.


5. Choose Install this application for anyone who uses this computer (all users). Click Next.


6. Make sure your Destination folder is Program Files/FirstClass. Click Next.


7.  Check the boxes if you want to add FirstClass to your Start menu and/or add a shortcut on the Desktop. Click Next.


8.  In the Start Copying Files screen, click Next.


9. When the software successfully installs, click Finish.

10. Launch the FirstClass Software to configure it to connect to Glenbard.

11.Under the word Server:, click the small arrow next to Advanced.


12. In the Address field, type in

13. Click Save.


14. You should now be able to log in with your FirstClass username and password.