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Chat / Instant Messaging
1. What is Chat / instant Messaging?

FirstClass Chat (also called instant messaging) allows you to have an online conversation with anyone who has chat enabled and is connected to the server.
Two or more people can participate in a chat.

Transcripts from chats will be automatically e-mailed to the initiator of the chat, with the subject "Private Chat Transcript."

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Note: Chat is enabled for staff members only at this time.
2. Responding to a Chat Invite
1. When someone invites you to a chat, a Chat Invitation window will appear on your computer. You can Ignore, Decline or Accept the invitation.

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2. If you accept the invitation, you will be taken to the Chat area.
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3. To chat, type text in the text area, and press the Return key on your keyboard, or click the Send button.

3. Starting a Chat

To start a chat:

1. Open the list of online users by clicking the Who's Online button. A list will come up of all users currently online and available for chat.

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2. Select a name from the list by clicking on it one time.
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3. Click the Instant Message button to open a new chat window.

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4. If the user declines your message, the chat window will display that information.

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5. If the user accepts the invite, his/her name will appear in the chat window.

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6. To invite more participants, use the Invite button in the chat window and double-click the user's name in the list that pops up. Any user in the chat can invite participants.

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4. Attachments
You can attach files to the chat in order to share them with chat participants.

To attach a file:

1. Click on the Attachments tab in the chat window.

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2. Click the Attach button.

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3. Browse for the file on your computer and click Open.

4. The attachment will appear in the Attachments pane of the chat, and all participants can download it by right-clicking (PC) or control-clicking (Mac) and choosing Save Attachment (or drag it to the desktop of your computer).

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5. Chat Setup

The Chat Setup tab will allow you to turn on and off sounds, name the chat, enable catch up (so newcomers to the chat can view previous messages), and show time stamps next to messages.

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