1. Saving Bookmarks
The Bookmarks folder is a location for you to store your Internet bookmarks, also called Internet favorites. These are URLs (web addresses) that you can access whenever you log in to FirstClass.

You will find your Bookmarks area on the FirstClass Desktop with this icon:
Picture 1.png

To save bookmarks to your FirstClass Bookmarks area:

1. Use your Internet browser (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari) to navigate to a web address. Copy the full URL from the browser bar (include http://)

2. Open your Bookmarks window in FirstClass.

3. Click the New Bookmark button.
Picture 1-3.jpg

4. Enter a name for your Bookmark and paste the URL into the URL field.
Picture 2-10.jpg

5. Click OK. Your bookmark will display as seen below:

Picture 3-8.jpg


1. Open your Bookmarks window in FirstClass.

2. Drag the URL from the browser bar into the FirstClass Bookmarks window.

Picture 4-4.jpg

Using this method usually leads you to need to rename your bookmarks, FirstClass will use the file name of the page, which may not always be what you'd call it.
2. Using Bookmarks
To use your FirstClass Bookmarks:

1. When you log in to FirstClass, click the dropdown arrow next to the Bookmarks button in the toolbar.

2. Find the URL you want to visit in the list, and double-click it.  A browser window will open to the address you saved.
Picture 14-1.jpg
You can also open the Bookmarks area and double-click URLs from there.
3. Renaming Bookmarks
1. Right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) on the bookmark in your Bookmarks area.
2. Choose Rename.
Picture 7-2.jpg
3. When the text is highlighted in blue, type a new name for the Bookmark. Press Return.
Picture 9-2.jpg
4. Deleting Bookmarks
1. Click once on the Bookmark in your Bookmarks list to select it (highlighted in blue).
Picture 10-1.jpg

2. Click the Delete button.
Picture 10-2.jpg
5. Organizing Bookmarks
You can create folders to organize and file your Bookmarks.

1. Choose File > New Folder.
Picture 11.jpg

2. Select Standard Bookmark Folder and click OK.
Picture 12.jpg

3. With the New Folder text highlighted in blue, type a name for the bookmark folder (e.g. Math Practice Links).

Picture 15.jpg

4. Press Return/Enter.

5. Drag the bookmarks from the main bookmark area into the folder you created.

6. Bookmarks organized in folders will show up in your main FirstClass Desktop window as seen below:

Picture 16.jpg