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1. The FirstClass Client For Android
OpenText Social Workplace enables teams to collaborate and deliver better results faster in a secure, governed environment where ideas prosper, work is iterated and refined quickly, and employee productivity thrives. This powerful Web 2.0-style solution has been designed to enable organizations to work faster, smarter, and more productively by connecting knowledge workers to the people and content important to them.

OpenText Social Workplace Mobile brings a rich, truly mobile collaboration experience as an Android™ application. Users no longer have to rely singularly on email to stay in touch and have full access to the people, content, and communities important to them - anywhere, anytime.

With Social Workplace Mobile, Android users can

• Manage their email messages in their account.
• View shared images, text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.
• Search for content, people, and communities.
• Manage their personal profile and My People list.
• Update their status message.


Please read the additional notes below if you are using an Android 3.x device

2. Setting Up Your Android
Once you have downloaded Social Workplace Mobile Client, please follow the simple instructions below to configure your device:

1.      Tap on the FirstClass icon on your device.

2.      Fill in the Server name with SM.GLENBARD.ORG or it will not connect to our server.

3.      Fill In your User ID and Password and then click the Login button

Additional Notes:
The Android Market features a built-in filtering mechanism to prevent end users from downloading apps into devices that are not running a supported Android version. This is unfortunately preventing Honeycomb (Android 3.x) tablets from downloading our Social Workplace Mobile app, even though we do support that version of Android.  Until the Android Market place is corrected you may also download the software by clicking here: